Mediakunstenaar en technisch innovator .

Raymond creëert vormen waarin zijn fascinatie voor licht en interactie met gebruikers door beeld en geluid leidend zijn. Het verkennen en doorbreken van conceptuele en technologische barrières is kenmerkend voor zijn werk. Daarnaast past Raymond zijn achtergrond in elektronica vaak toe binnen de podium- en theatertechniek.


Lights and projection for interactive dance performance by Open Mode Collective.


Lights for fashion show AndBeyond - SPECTACLE 3D collection.


Laser decor for modern dance(theater) Solid Ground Movement / Frascati Producties.


rAys V2.0 is an interactive laser installation. The public create the music and video footage by moving under ‘a shower’ of 64 lasers. rAys V2.0 is an experience and fusion of light, technology, space, music, video and human intervention. The users are part of a massive, interactive light sculpture. By intercepting the lasers functioning as sound and visual strings , samples are activated. Every movement delivers new, abstract as well as beat orientated sounds and video. The composition is moving on a time line and changes continuously. Various sets can be loaded into the system.

rAys is developed by media artist Raymond Deirkauf. He has already launched a first version of an interactive laser instrument consisting of 25 lasers build on 1 track in 2005. This installation was groundbreaking at the time. His fascination for light, interaction and technique made him redevelop rAys.

Raymond Deirkauf